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Here at Muswell Hill Locksmiths we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the leading locksmith in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas, which includes Alexandra Park, Fortis Green, East Finchley, Hornsey and Crouch End, so as you can see our service is not restricted only to Muswell Hill.

You can call a Muswell Hill Locksmith right now on 020 8444 5800 for the fastest Locksmiths in N10.  With the fact that we are one of the fastest and best equipped Locksmiths N10, it is our priority to get you out of your dilemma, whether it be a old lock that no longer turns properly or a new set of keys for your property.

We have been providing a N10 Locksmith service since 1982 and our longevity and fine reputation proves that we provide the best locksmith service in the area, your home, businesses, and anyone who may own a vehicle in and around Muswell Hill N10.
You can call Muswell Hill Locksmiths right now on 020 8444 5800 and the most highly skilled Locksmith in N10 will be there to assist you.

It is important to note that we are professional Locksmiths in Muswell Hill, this means we understand locks and all the little nuances of doors and windows in the typical local homes and business of Muswell Hill.  We have trained our staff rigorously, which means you will have the best Locksmith in N10.
What we don't do however is repair shoes, engrave trophies, replace watch batteries or indeed make number plates. We are Locksmiths not Cobblers and we are very proud of that fact.
There is a well known Cobbler on Muswell Hill Broadway if you need any of those services.

Sadly we don't have a shop in Muswell Hill, but we are looking and if you have one to let please get in touch. The number is 020 8444 5800 write it down, save it to your mobile.  For both Muswell Hill and surrounding areas we are the most renowned Locksmiths near Muswell Hill.  All of our highly trained locksmiths have their own van carrying all of the tools and parts required to get you out of trouble, which is why we are the best Locksmith near Muswell Hill.

The services we provide to the Muswell Hill Community are as follows:

  • Door Locks
  • Window Locks 
  • Safes 
  • Alarms 
  • Burglar Grilles 
  • Entry Systems

We are the only Locksmith in Muswell Hill that provide exceptional levels of service due to our extensive knowledge of the industry and its products, including brands such as Yale Locks, Chubb Locks and Ingersoll Locks. All the staff at Muswell Hill Locksmith are seasoned Locksmiths with decades in the lock and safe industry. We didn't start out as a brick layer or a carpenter and then marry a girl who's dad who happened to own a shoe repair shop. No, quite the contrary, we learned the hard way, following around a 'Master Locksmith' for years and years  absorbing information and skills.  With all of those years of learning, we have now branched off making us the most efficient and well known Locksmiths near N10.

Muswell Hill Locksmith supply and install all makes and models of door locks.
The locks that we use are cherry picked from fine institutions such as Chubb Locks, Yale Locks, Union Locks, Ingersoll Locks, ASSA Locks, RUKO Locks,  Banham Locks,  Gerda Locks, Kibb Locks, Skillet Locks, Cobra Locks, Armageddon Locks, Portis Locks, SprayDec Locks, Seabird Locks, Velleman Locks, Mottura Locks, Sercas Locks, Galla Locks and many more.  So please give us a call on 020 8444 5800 and you will have the expertise of a local and qualified N10 Locksmith.

Give us a call on 020 8444 5800 and we'll happy to assist you with your question or fast response if your lock is jammed.  One call and you will have the best Locksmith in Muswell Hill at your door with all of the tools and parts necessary to get the problem sorted.

'What Specific Services does Muswell Hill locksmiths offer?'

From a loose Yale lock that needs a bit of love and attention from one of our Muswell Hill Locksmiths to a full blown three lock, keyed alike proper Banham set up, call 020 8444 5800 for your local Locksmith near N10..
Maybe you just need a Five Lever Mortice Lock fitted for Insurance purposes, call us about it here at Muswell Hill Locksmiths, we love it, locks are like a drug to us, call and see for yourself 020 8444 5800.

We fit the renowned Cisa electro mechanical lock or the Ingersoll SC73 with electric release or a simple Yale Night latch with and electric release if the budget is tighter.
Either one, call a N10 Locksmith right now in Muswell hill on 020 8444 5800

Need to lock your bedroom door, easy! Let a Muswell Hill Locksmith fit a three lever mortice deadlock.
You can choose from brass or chrome colour, you get a nice neat key hole on each side of the door and two keys. Did I mention the Muswell Hill Locksmith telephone number? Course I did 020 8444 5800 call us, what are you waiting for? Get in touch on the phone or online for the fastest Locksmiths Muswell Hill.

We can greatly improve the physical strength of even the lightest doors with the addition of door and frame reinforcement measures such as, London Bars, Birmingham Bars, Deadlock Guards, Hinge Bolts etc. Call a Muswell Hill Locksmith right now for a chat  on 020 8444 5800or email us some photos of your door or any lock or issue you have to

Don't buy your safe from a guy who soles shoes for a living, buy from Muswell Hill Locksmiths, why you ask? Because we know safes! We have been fitting and servicing them since some people were still at school. Call us, come on call us 020 8444 5800 for the best Locksmith N10.

Come on now, you're not going to have an alarm fitted by a man who makes extra holes in people's  belts are you? Course not, call Muswell Hill Locksmiths on 020 8444 5800 and get an alarm system that will be recognised by your insurance company installed by a SSAIB registered installer. 

Locked out? Call 020 8444 5800
Need your locks changed in a hurry? Call 020 8444 5800
Need some shoe polish? Call a Cobbler

Grilles and bars systems are one of the most effective deterrent to burglars creating a physical barrier between your possessions and undesirables, whether you have recently been burgled or if you just want to upgrade your security, Muswell Hill Locksmiths are sure that we have the right product to suit you. 

We can supply and install a simple intercom or a door entry system for one house or a few flats or indeed a block of 150 apartments or more, Audio and Video systems, wired or wireless call us on 020 8444 5800 and talk to a Locksmith in Muswell Hill of course.

Muswell Hill Locksmiths 
5 Muswell Hill Road
Muswell Hill
N10 3JB 
Telephone : 020 8444 5800